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    PGA players taking Steroids?


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    PGA players taking Steroids? Empty PGA players taking Steroids?

    Post  lileide66 on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:31 am

    PGA players taking Steroids?
    Gary participant started it in the ping g20 driver . Boy did he create a stir! Gary stated pretty strongly that he knows for any fact players who are on steroids. it absolutely was fascinating hearing what some of the players experienced to say.“He knows two ping g20 driver for sale ? i know zero,” six-time major winner Nick Faldo said. “Never observed of anybody.”“If anything, possibly out here it may be testing optimistic for maybe being hung more than a little bit,” Woods said. “But thats about it. i know some guys have taken Medrol packs for inflammation in their wrists, but other than Ping K15 Driver , I really dont see anybody doing anything, or have observed anybody doing anything.”“I dont think theres even a remote chance that will happen,” he said of the golfer testing optimistic for steroids. – Phil MickelsonDo you think Phil is on steroids? Not! How about John Daly? Or maybe Sean OHair (weighs 150 pounds dripping wet).I think a little controversy wont hurt ping g20 irons . We need to stay light-hearted about this and see how it plays out. Cant wait to see!

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