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    Zach Johnson Wins The Masters


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    Zach Johnson Wins The Masters  Empty Zach Johnson Wins The Masters

    Post  lileide66 on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:26 am

    Zach Johnson Wins The Masters

    Wow! did you watch The Masters yesterday taylormade r11 irons ! Man…the back nine it was still anyones game. this really is one of the more exciting Masters Ive watched in a taylormade r11 irons for sale ! Zach Johnson on ly haven one just once on tour winning was unbelievable. With Tiger in the hunt up until the last several holes, Zach held composure and got the win.I met his coach personally at the PGA show in r11 irons a few many years back, and experienced an fascinating talk with him about Zachs golfing swing. He was telling me it was taylormade r9 driver to be the ‘next swing in modern golf. Hmmm….do you think hes right?

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